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The SC Personal Training Recipe Book

SC-PT-21-Recipe-Book_Page_01The SC Personal Training recipe book is now available at a special introductory price of £7.00

Containing 21 recipes to help fuel your fat loss, this book is an invaluable aid in your journey towards being fit.

To get a copy of the book, click on one of the purchase links. You will be taken to PayPal to pay, and an email will be sent to you automatically so you can download the recipe book.

The e-book is an a PDF format so you can view it on any device.

So, buy it now and start fuleing that fat loss.


Outdoor Fitness Class Every Sunday morning, 9am at Peoples Park Begins Sunday August 31st Only £5 per person To book your place, please contact 07969 233525

Starlight Studios/Tabata Fitness Class

    Last week i went to have a business meeting at starlight studios in Turweston about the possiblity of running a fitness class there. I found the owners to be very helpful and very sociable. They were very positive about the possible collaberation, so we sat down and talked at length about the ideaContinue Reading

Happy days!

Last week I coached a Tabata fitness class. I had several new faces come along (of which im always very happy to welcome in) Each and every member that atttended give it 100% and I left feeling very happy and very proud The next day, I recieved this email from someone who came along thatContinue Reading

HIIT is the new craze that’s making its mark in the fitness industry. The new “in” thing

  High Intensity Interval Training, also known as HIIT, is what it says it is. Short bursts of intense, fast paced exercise, with short recovery periods. The most common form of HIIT is Tabata.  It was founded in Japan by Izumi Tabata.  He conducted tests on two groups of athletes; comparing moderate high intensity training withContinue Reading

Warning! Personal trainers can seriously improve your health

    The days of the personal fitness trainer being for a celebrities only are gone. Nowadays, personal trainers are used by people of all ages, fitness levels and budgets to help achieve their health and fitness goals.   Regular exercise is important for many reasons including reducing the risk of heart disease, diabetes, strokesContinue Reading