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Fitness training classCircuit Training

A traditional mixed ability class.

A circuit class, is a circuit of a set number of stations (ideally 12-15)

Each station is a different exercise.

These are designed to help every part of your fitness.

Fitness training classSome are based around upper body strength, some are lower body strength based and some are designed to improve your cardiovascular fitness.

Normally you move in a clockwise direction, going round the circuit twice, with a rest period after the first loop.

Circuit training is (normally) based around a 60secs work period with 30secs between rest between each period of work.

Elite Dance Studio, Launton (Bicester) Thursday evenings at 7.15pm

Boxing For Fitness (boxercise style)

A fun filled cardiovascular work, designed to increase you overall fitness, while increasing your body strength too.

This class is achieved using boxing gloves and pads (provided) where we do a number of different exercises with some boxing drills incorporated.