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SC Personal Training Privacy Policy

What is the ‘Legal Basis’ for holding customer data?

Data is collected and held so that I am able to organise and administer fitness classes, and to ensure training is appropriate and tailored to individuals (where this is necessary) – this is “legitimate interest” as defined in GDPR.

What customer data do I hold?

For Class clients, the only information collected and held is clients names.

For PT clients, the information held is information on the par-q and medical questionnaire.

If you puchase my Recipe Book, your name and email address is stored by the Downloads Program (part of the website), and forms part of my accounts. Accounts information is kept for seven years. Information older than seven years will be deleted.

How is this data stored?

The information for Class clients is held on a group messenger on a password protected iPhone. The Facebook account is also password protected.

For PT clients, the information is held in a locked filing cabinet.

Puchase information is stored in the website and is password-protected. The website also has a number of security applications to prevent it being hacked.


PT clients give permission for me to collect their data by filling out the relevant paperwork (par q, medical questionnaire etc.). They are no obliged to complete all questions, but by not consenting to supply full information they acknowledge the limitations it may place on their training.

Who can access the data?

Only me, as the business owner, has access to the information.

Has the data been transferred anywhere? If so, where?

Data is not transferred anywhere else or shared with any organisation.

What procedures do you have in place to dispose of customer data?

Once the information is no longer required for its original purpose, it is then shredded or deleted.

Simon Charles, May 2018