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Having been inspired by the 2012 olympic games, and the need to help people get fitter/healthier, i came up with a simple idea, that will encourage people to become more active whilst still leading busy lives.

I’ve set up on twitter a fun, healthy way to become more active and this is what it is:

All you have to is run/jog 20 minutes every day.

Whilst participating in this monthly challenge, you can access support, and a community who are also participating by accessing twitter and entering the hashtag #run20minsperday

Hopefully over the course of the month, you will feel the health benefits as well as possibly finding that as you get deeper into the month, you’ll find yourself running possibly quicker or further in that 20 minutes

By running/jogging 20 minutes a day, you’ll not only become fitter and healthier, but you’ll be going a long way towards the acsm (american college of sports and medicine) guideline of being active 30-6omins, 3-5 times a week.

Summer Holiday Tips – 4

Are you having a BBQ this summer? Avoid using white bread/rolls and go for wholemeal/wholegrain as a healthier alternative!

Summer Holiday Tips – 3

Do you want to be on holiday but still eat out and eat, healthy? Don’t despair Plan ahead. decide, in advance, where you will be eating. Phone the cafe/restaurant. most establishments will be happy to give info on their dishes, and even prepare food that is appropriate to your dietary requirements. This planning will saveContinue Reading

Summer Holiday Tips – 2

Do you want to have a vacation, and keep fit this summer?? then check out this superb holiday location: Their UK website is: Having been here numerous times myself, I can thoroughly recomend this great place. You can tailor your holiday to how you want it, no matter how relaxing or active you wouldContinue Reading

Summer Holiday Tips – 1

Going away on holiday?? Take the opportunity to get active. Plan a hike or go for a bike ride


What a great word! It can be such a broad, diverse word, and can mean so many different things to so many different people. So what does motivation mean to you?? I’m learning recently that the word motivation also has a close to link with the word progress I believe that when it comes toContinue Reading