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Summer Holiday Tips – 4

Summer holdiday tip 4

Are you having a BBQ this summer?

Avoid using white bread/rolls and go for wholemeal/wholegrain as a healthier alternative!

Summer Holiday Tips – 3

Holiday tip 3   Do you want to be on holiday but still eat out and eat, healthy? Don’t despair Plan ahead. decide, in advance, where you will be eating. Phone the cafe/restaurant. most establishments will be happy to give info on their dishes, and even prepare food that is appropriate to your dietary requirements.Continue Reading

Summer Holiday Tips – 2

Holiday destination recommendation Do you want to have a vacation, and keep fit this summer?? Then check out this superb holiday location: Their UK website is: Having been here numerous times myself, I can thoroughly recommend it.You can run, cycle, do fitness classes, or simply just sightsee and lounge around by the pool.

Summer Holiday Tips – 1

Going away on holiday?? Take the opportunity to get active. Plan a hike or go for a bike ride


Motivation What a great word! It can be such a broad, diverse word, and can mean so many different things to so many different people. So what does motivation mean to you?? I’m learning recently that the word motivation also has a close to link with the word progress I believe that when it comesContinue Reading