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The Biggest Fitness Myths Debunked

The Most Common Fitness Misconceptions

1. Weight training makes women bulky


Women do not produce enough testosterone for this to be possible

Weight training should be a key part of any ladies plan

Weight training 1-2 times a week can give females muscle definition, therefore bettering their body shape

2. You can’t exercise if your ill


You must only avoid exercise if you have a fever or if your symptoms are below the neck

If you have a common cold, moderate exercise is ok. this will not prolong your illness but may not make it shorter either

3. Working out once a week will increase your fitness level


The ACSM guidelines (American College of Sports and Medicine) say, to increase your cardiovascular fitness you must do:

30-60 minutes of moderate exercise, 5 times a week


20-60 minutes of vigorous exercise, 3 times a week

4. Doing sit ups will help to lose belly fat


Doing one million sit ups a day is futile and pointless and bad for your lower back!

Unfortunately, you can’t spot reduce fat and (certainly with females) during weight gain, the belly is the first place it goes to, and when trying to lose it, its the last place to come off

The only way to reduce belly fat is to consistently do regular cardiovascular exercise, and improve your nutrition

Over time, you will begin to see muscles in your core, as you lose the fat thats over the top.