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Tag Archives: core stability

New Warm Up Routine

Last night I trialed a brand new warm up routine in both my Circuit Training and Core (Abs) classes in Wroxton (Banbury) I was really apprehensive about how it would be recieved but I had nothing to worry about as the feedback I got was hugely positive. It was a massive confidence boost for me personally and professionally. I’m constantly striving to improve the quality of my fitness classes and last night was a massive step in the right direction. i now look to improve the quality of both classes as a whole and that will hopefully fall into place in the coming weeks!

Core Training/ Personal Training

I recently found this article ( which I found very helpful to me. It proves that what i’m doing is still popular. As It happens, i currently coach a Core Training class on a Tuesday evening. It seems this is becoming very popular (as proven by the article) If you would like to join thisContinue Reading

New Fitness Class

Starting next Tuesday I’m starting a core stability/strength class on Tuesday evenings 8-15-9.15pm cost is £4 pp unless you attend my 7pm Circuit Training class in which case the Core class would be just £1! yes ONE POUND! what a deal! cant wait to see the interest levels!