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Boxing for fitness PT session

Last night i coached a boxing for fitness session for the 1st time, to one of my regular clients

Boxing for fitness is a mix between circuit training and boxercise

I thoroughly enjoyed coaching it and luckily my client really enjoyed it too

it was also interesting because i was coaching it outdoors in the rain! My client wasnt fussed and worked as hard as always despite the circumstances. I must i was very proud of her. Thats dedication for you!

I’m hoping that i’ll be coaching this kind of session more often from now on.

Thump “boxing for fitness” instruction course

So this past weekend I completed and am now qualified to teach/coach “boxing for fitness”. Having worked in pairs during the weekend course, we got to learn both sides of the coin (coaching and being coached) and from this I really can’t speak highly enough of this method of training. It has a reallyContinue Reading